Feature Titles
Director: Debra Toffan - Murray Griffin - David Webster
Producer: Mandy Fanning
Animation | Family



Erky and Perky are two dimwitted bugs living in their very own paradise on a downtown Hot Dog stand until they are accidentally thrust into a take out bag and end up in an unfamiliar and sterile suburban kitchen with NO FOOD IN SIGHT!

Each episode follows Erky and Perky in their constant quest for food.  Their hilarious adventures allow them to meet new friends along the way including Mad Margaret the biggest and most terrifying bug of all and her henchman Cecil; the smooth talking Frenzel; the fart propelled hyperactive little green bug Stinks; the groovy girl Sajuica and the oldest bug in kitchen with the shortest memory, Mouldy Van Oldy to name a few.

Erky Perky will have you buggin’ for more!  11 or 22 minute episodes

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