Teleview International S.A.L. is a Beirut-based company founded in 2006, with offices in Lebanon and Dubai. We specialize in sales and distribution of all-rights feature films, TV movies, mini-series, series and documentaries, benefiting cinemas, TV stations, cable and VOD platforms, and airlines. We also sell digital rights. From the onset, the company was founded on solid ground: good relations with foreign directors, producers and fellow distributors, as well industry expertise and regional market demand.

Over the years and since its founding, Teleview International has sold and distributed about 1000 movies between feature films, TV series, and DVDs.

Teleview plays a vital role for the region’s viewers. By acquiring high-quality movies, we fulfill grand theatrical and daily broadcasting needs in competitive market segments. To boost your ratings and your revenue, count on us for a constant flow of quality content and box office hits. We are dedicated to providing profitable timely solutions.

The final cut By choosing us as your trusted supplier, you can benefit every year from:

  • Over 50 theatrical titles
  • Over 50 video movies
  • Over 100 TV movies

We provide multi-genre movies in different formats. The releases we acquire are English or French originals, available with Arabic/Farsi and French dubbing. They are chosen on the basis of quality, popularity, and novelty. We give you access to the names, celebrities, and stories that draw in millions. With Teleview International, you can diversify your revenue streams across multiple media.

All our offerings are well-researched, backed by facts and figures. We examine our products’ broadcast potential. For each, we can provide precise feedback on everything from cast history to worldwide box office grosses. For you, this means movie magic gone profitable.

Based on a true story
Teleview has a loyal customer base of 25 client countries that is still growing. We cater to:

  • Movie theater companies
  • TV satellite and local channels
  • Cable networks
  • VOD (Video On Demand) platforms
  • Airlines
  • Home video companies

Our aim is to quench your markets’ thirst for high-quality movies. We grow alongside our clients and work closely with international and regional festivals to create a niche market for all foreign titles in the Middle East. Movies inspire us to build “cinephile” momentum.

By capitalizing on our regional success and global capabilities, we plan to expand to markets in Europe and North America.


Is your brand at risk of fading as your competition shines? Are you tapping all the potential? Can your revenues use a surge? Catch our next blockbuster package to fast-forward your profits. The love and the horror, the action and the drama, the comedies and the epics, the animation and the special effects – we have it all. Visceral 3D journeys included.

Ongoing content providers need sizzling variety. For your subscribers and mass viewers, it’s always time for movies that keep them on the edge of their seats, documentaries featuring exclusive footage, and primetime series that leave them hooked. With a spicy selection from our catalogue, you can regularly rejuvenate your broadcast strategies.

Teleview International’s industry savvy delivers. We understand your markets and zoom in on what’s in demand today. We track the trends that matter, that make a difference for your bottom line. With Teleview International, your investment pays off.

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